Criminal Defense

Defend Your Rights and Freedom with a Criminal Defense Attorney

People who are facing criminal charges do not always realize what is at stake in their legal issues. A successful conviction can result in someone losing their right to vote, cause them difficulties in earning a job, loan, or home, and it can even limit your travel security clearance options. The worst thing someone can do to defend themselves against criminal charges is facing them alone.

The legal team at the law office of Ryan E. Gatti, Attorney at Law has a long history of representing the Louisiana community’s needs. Ryan himself was a state senator for four years and proudly fought for those who needed him. Ryan’s time in office helped him craft a unique method of representing his clients.

The Service You Deserve

Thanks to the years Ryan spent serving his community, he has earned a better understanding of the needs of those around him. Ryan takes the time to sit down and help his clients with all areas of criminal defense, including:

  • Misdemeanors
  • DUI’s
  • Felonies

While Ryan represents you, you can expect to receive compassion and respect from him and his team. Everyone at Ryan E. Gatti, Attorney at Law works hard to craft a defense strategy that best suits your unique situation, and they stop at nothing to find a way to help you.

Ryan’s skills as a clever negotiator help him find new ways to reduce the charges or sentencing, or have a court drop the charges altogether. If a trial is unavoidable, you can bet that you will get to witness Ryan’s exceptional litigation skills firsthand.

Now is the Time to Reach Out to an Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges, or even think you may be soon, contact a lawyer you can trust to fight for you.

Our team represents clients across the Bossier and Shreveport areas. To schedule your initial consultation, call (318) 752-1012 or contact us today.

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