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Legal difficulties related to wills, trusts and successions can become extremely complicated very quickly. When things get out of hand, they can take months or longer to resolve and cost hundreds or thousands of dollars along the way. It only makes sense to find a lawyer who can lead you through the complicated maze of will and successions.

The team at the office of Ryan E. Gatti, Attorney at Law know how complicated these problems can be and how urgently you may want to settle them. You can count on Ryan and his team to get you through this with their experience and knowledge to guide you.

Reliable Guidance In Estate Planning Matters

Ryan knows the complexities of the issues that come with wills and succession, and he knows how to settle these matters with tact and accuracy, especially when it comes to wills. These documents call for a high level of clarity and formality; otherwise, the beneficiaries and heirs can suffer a lot of confusion and conflict.

When a testator (the person who creates a will) is not specific enough in their will or improperly makes a will, it can leave enough of a grey area for someone who has a stake in the outcome of their estate to challenge the will. Our team can help you document your will plainly and clearly so that no one is uncertain about how you want to distribute your estate.

We can also help you create a living will and power of attorney to protect your best interests if you cannot act on your own behalf. If you are unsure whether or not you are ready for the succession process or probate, let us help make sure you have your bases covered.

Plan For The Future, Today

If you have concerns about how well you are prepared for tomorrow, consult with our team about what you can do to prepare your estate so that your loved ones know exactly what your wishes are.

We serve clients all over the Bossier and Shreveport areas, so if you are ready to meet with us, contact us today. Call (318) 752-1012 or contact us to set up your initial consultation.

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